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Making it easy to speak

when you tap into your truth.

Speak your truth and we'll make sure your voice reaches the world.

We are dedicated to helping those who want to positively impact the world do behind-the-scenes with more ease, flow, and fun. We provide design, software and marketing soul-utions that align your business with your perfect clients.

-Virginia Scheuer, Founder

Grow your business

Infuse your business with high-good vibes!

Soulpreneurs Support

Virginia Scheuer, the founder, and co-creator shares her teachings and supports soulpreneurs in their journey to manifest their dreams. Within the membership, the business professional has access to courses that will empower them to start their business online today, plus weekly classes that focus on the following areas:

  • Overcoming the most simple and difficult business and personal relationships.
  • How to make quick decisions and move through stuck periods in your business.
  • How to integrate making decisions by leveraging intuition.
  • How to brand when you have a multifaceted business, or you are someone with many talents.

All In One Software

  • Build unlimited Websites
  • Track your leads and clients
  • Unlimited Funnels & Pipelines
  • Online Appointment Scheduler
  • Advanced Automations
  • House your Memberships, Courses & Digital Products
  • Easy Payment Integration
  • Unlimited Surveys and Forms
  • Beautiful Fast Emails
  • Texting
  • So much more!

No more algorithms

No more censoring

Build your community groups, courses, and Live Videos with Body Soul instead of Facebook

Go Live inside your own community

Have total control over your content!



Build a community without the noise of Facebook

House your community content in an organized and intuitive fashion.

House unlimited membership courses and videos.

Body Soul app attracts like-minded people who care about kindness, health and wellness.

You are meant to shine and

we're here to support you every step

of the way!

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